Project Management and Operational Support for Entrepreneurs and Online Businesses

As a business owner, there’s always so much to do.  Too much.

You’ve got the work that gets you paid.  If it’s something that you love doing, then that’s the easy part of your business.  It’s where you shine.

The other stuff is often what overwhelms you.  And what’s worse – it’s the stuff that takes you away from your billable, money-making hours.  Paperwork.  Marketing.  Emails.  Blogging.  Systems.  Social media… the list seems to be endless.

Before you take your stress out on a poor unsuspecting stranger, stop.  Breathe.  And get some help.

And I’m here to help. Not just to work for you – but with you.

As a Project Manager and Senior Virtual Assistant, I can do more than post your blogs and schedule some tweets.  I’m here to take your overwhelm and turn it into a finely tuned and organised operational process that means you can focus on what you’re great at.

Check out what I can do, and if you’re keen to know more than let’s get in touch.