Stop winging it through your launches!

Get smart, get organised and get results.

As a launch strategist for ambitious online entrepreneurs, I’m here to help you amp up what works and dial down what doesn’t – in an easy, effective and reliable way.

As a business strategist for ambitious online entrepreneurs, I’m here to help you figure out which is which – in an easy, effective and reliable way.

Hey!  I’m Hannah.

I’ve been around the online business world for almost seven years, starting as a beauty blogger before going full-time as a virtual assistant and evolving into a marketing specialist.  But when my clients started coming to me again and again for strategic advice and analysis instead of tech support, I realised that I’d found my ‘thing’.

I adore working with my clients to create powerful plans and strategies to hit their launch goals and move their business forward without feeling icky, sleazy or pressured.

My clients love that I’m not ‘just’ about the strategy – with my VA background I can also clue you in on the necessary tech you need to actually pull it off, and the important metrics to measure before, during and after your launch so you know you’re on the right track. It’s a one-stop-launch-shop around here!

Whether it’s for your first launch or your seventh, I’ve got the perspective, experience and freakly obsession with tech that can get you to hit that goal.

Firstly, let’s get one question out of the road…

What the heck does a Launch Strategist do?

Excellent question.  So glad you asked.

The long version is that I help you to plan the path between where your business is now and where you want to be – it’s all about setting the RIGHT goals, charting what’s going to make that happen (using things like statistics, trends and proven results rather than what sounds cool or old tactics that worked in 2009), providing support as you execute the plan and then together analysing how it went and what could be done differently next time to make it even better.

The short version is – I help you to be successful on purpose.

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